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General Health

General Health

Blister Packs

Snells Beach Pharmacy can provide you with individually made blister packs of your medicines*. These can be supplied weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on your needs. This type of packaging can help you to take your medicine at the right time, help keep track of your medications, and make it easier to see if you have missed a dose or are running out. Blistering is useful if you are travelling as it avoids having to take multiple containers.


*Please note liquids are not able to be blister packed.


Health & Medical Equipment Hire/Sales

A range of equipment can be hired through the Pharmacy, including crutches, vaporisers, nebulisers, walkers, and wheelchairs. Trial packs/products of select equipment can also be purchased, such as battery Tens Machines. One of our staff can help you decide the best type of support for you. 

Specialised Wound Care

Some wounds require extra attention and skill to manage. The pharmacy has staff qualified to do this and can refer you to your doctor if necessary. They also stock an extensive selection of dressings, adhesives, antibacterials, and support compressions. 

Weight Management Support & Optifast™ Dietary Products

WINZ & Other Reports

If you require reports on your medicines or the cost of your medicines please ask a member of the pharmacy team.

Blood Pressure Checking

Tailored Pharmaceutical Knowledge

Our Pharmacists have extensive knowledge on all prescription & over the counter medicines and are happy to recommend the best products for you. 

Intimate Health

Intimate Health

Sildenafil & Viagra™

If you have concerns about your sexual function and are aged between 35 & 70, you are able to come in and discuss a treatment available called Sildenafil*, without the need for a prescription.

One of our accredited pharmacists will check your blood pressure and ask a few questions, including any current medication you are taking or any health conditions you may have, to ensure the medication is right for you. All of this is undertaken in a private area to ensure confidentiality.

UTI Assistance (Trimethoprim)

The pharmacy has trained pharmacists who can supply the antibiotic, trimethoprim, for women aged between 16 and 65 who have an uncomplicated urinary tract infection (UTI).

Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP)

Our pharmacists are trained to assess whether the ECP is appropriate for you. This is done in a confidential manner. The ECP works best if taken as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse but may be taken up to 72 hours after. Emergency birth control can also be supplied, situation dependant. 

Pregnancy Support

Planning on, or think you may be pregnant? The pharmacy has a number of different tests available and can help you with the correct supplements and dosages recommended for you in this important time. They can also guide you through what medication is safe to take during pregnancy.

Dispensing Services

Dispensing Services

Clozapine Dispensing

It is very important that you receive regular blood tests while you are taking clozapine. We will check your blood tests to make sure the appropriate dose of clozapine is dispensed for you, and your general health is not being compromised. 

Methadone Dispensing

Snells Beach Pharmacy works alongside the DHB methadone programme. Pharmacy staff can administer methadone on a daily, or a takeaway basis, depending on what has been agreed.

Long Term Conditions (LTC) Service

This service is designed for people with long-term illnesses who may need support with their medicines. An assessment is used to identify the things that affect their ability to take medication as prescribed. Pharmacists work together with the patient to address each issue. The pharmacist is able to assist you with managing your medications and can coordinate your medications so that your prescription repeats happen all at the same time and therefore require only one trip to have your prescriptions refilled. They can also provide you with a reminder service (via text message, email or phone call) to let you know when your next supply of medications is ready for collection. If you are having difficulties managing your medicines (e.g. forgetting to take them), please ask your pharmacist whether this service is right for you.

Other Services

Other Services

Free Delivery

Snells Beach Pharmacy is pleased to offer free prescription, over the counter medication, and shop item delivery within the surrounding area, with no additional charge. Contactless & over-the-phone payment is available, along with mobile eftpos so you can pay from the comfort of your own home. Servicing Snells Beach, Algies Bay, Martins Bay, Sandspit, and Scotts Landing, simply request delivery when dropping off your medications. Live further afield, or want to know move about this fantastic service? Come in for a chat and we'll see what we can do for you. 

Safety & Practice Programme Participants

We are excited to be part of this fantastic research programme, which studies areas where patient safety can be improved. This year, anti-inflammatories are the key topic, and we're looking forward to using this breaking research for our own customer's needs. 

Ear and Nose Piercing

Ear and nose piercing for both children and adults is available at the pharmacy. Using equipment from internationally trusted brand Studex™, all piercing studs are hypo-allergenic and nickel-free, lowering irritation and healing times. This is a complimentary service we offer - all you need to pay for is the earrings. Numbing spray and aftercare solution is also available on request*


*These products may incur additional charges. 

Wheelchair Access & Adjoined Carkpark

Disability Aids

Needle Exchange

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